Top Ten Chip Manufacturers

Thanks to IHS iSuppli for this one – the top ten IC vendors  in 2011:


Intel            48.7

Samsung     28.6

TI               14

Toshiba       12.7

Renesas      10.6

Qualcomm  10.2

ST                9.7

Hynix            9.3

Micron          7.4

Broadcom     7.2


Source: IHS iSuppli



  1. Why “the top ten IC vendors in 2011”?
    Maybe 2012!

  2. How does Samsung do it? I would call them financial engineers. Far Eastern companies sometimes use extensive inter-company cross-holdings to bolster up their share prices.This means that their products are all sold internal to the overall group in a cash-free internal market. It is the difference between what the stock market calls paper (money) and true cash. The markets much prefer cash to paper! To my mind, Texas Instruments are a true financial engine in the trillion dollar company league, while Toshiba and Renesas are not far behind. As I have said before, it is my thought that Intel are a massive Ponzi fraud. They must sell at a huge loss. Well done TI!

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