Top Ten Fabless 2011

Thanks to IC Insights for this – the top ten fabless companies in 2011.



Qualcomm    9.9


Broadcom    7.2


AMD           6.6


Nvidia          3.9


Marvell        3.4


MediaTek    3.0


Xilinx           2.3


Altera          2.1


LSI             2.0


Avago         1.3



  1. I thought Atmel still had some fabs

  2. What about Atmel, according to wiki that had a revenue of $1.64b in 2010.

  3. I see, as I thought. Thank you for the clarification.

  4. The top 20 semiconductor list for all companies both fabless and IDMs which I sent in reply to cheese is for Q1 2012, NakTT, the top ten fabless only list which was the subject of this morning’s post was for full year 2011.

  5. The top 20 list is for the full year? I guess you mean the top 10 list?

  6. They are full year 2011 figures, Sevilla

  7. I guess these are Q1’12 results -Right?

  8. Well ST stlll fabs at least half its stuff, cheese, and Infineon still have (non-leading edge) fabs so both companies are not in the fabless league table.
    Here’s the overall league top 20 for both IDMs and fabless with revenues in $ billions.
    Intel 12
    Samsung 7
    TSMC 3.6
    Toshiba 3.2
    Qualcomm 3
    TI 2.9
    Renesas 2.3
    Micron 2.1
    Hynix 2.1
    ST 2
    Broadocom 1.8
    AMD 1.6
    Sony 1.5
    Infineon 1.3
    Fujitsu 1.2
    NXP 1.1
    Nvidia 0.9
    Freescale 0.9
    GloFo 0.8
    UMC 0.8

  9. David, where’s ST and Infineon ? Do you have the next 10 in addition to the top 10 ?

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