Top Ten Foundries


Thanks to IC Insights for this one: The Top Ten Foundries in 2010:


TSMC           13


UMC               4


GloFo              3.5                                          


SMIC              1.5


Dongbu               .512


Tower/Jazz         .509


Vanguard            .508


IBM                    .430


Samsung             .420


MagnaChip         .405



  1. I had assumed, Richard, that the positioning of the figures and the knowledge of my readership would make that unnecessary. Nonetheless I have now done as you suggest and added the decimal point.

  2. A decimal point in front of the lower figures would seem to be appropriate then

  3. 2010 annual revenues Laurence.

  4. Ummm, what is the second column of data? It doesn’t correlate with the ranking.
    (Clueless in North Carolina)

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