Top Ten (less 2) DRAM Companies

Thanks to DRAMeXchange for this one – the top ten DRAM companies in Q4 2011.


              Rev $bn        % Share


Samsung    2.9                44.3


Hynix         1.5                23.3


Micron       0.778            12.1


Elpida         0.774            12


Nan ya        0.232             3.6


Winbond      0.117            1.8


ProMOS       0.04             0.6


Powerchip     0.006           0.1



  1. ProMOS and Powerchip have both sold off fabs recently as well. Quite why they are even in DRAMs with those market shares is beyond my understanding. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Winbond do the same.

  2. Only Samsung is profitable I believe, Nick, and although in bankruptcy protection, Elpida is still producing. The calculation is that ff there is no reduction in Elpida’s output DRAM ASPs will rise 8.5% this year; if more than 25% of Elpida’s capacity is taken offline then DRAM ASP will rise 15% this year; if all production at Elpida ceases, then the DRAM industry’s supply could balance demand. But who knows, the DRAM-makers have an infinite capacity for building over-capacity.

  3. Any of them making a profit?
    And will be interesting to see what happens after the Elpida bankruptcy.

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