Top Ten (less 5) NAND Suppliers In Q2

Thanks to DRAMeXchange for this one – the five top NAND suppliers in Q2:


Samsung         2


Toshiba           1.4


Hynix              0.64


Micron            0.6


Intel                0.38



  1. Well I suppose it’s because SanDisk don’t operate fabs, Gigabyte, though they pay for a proportion of Toshiba’s fabs, and also because SanDisk don’t sell discrete chips only cards and modules etc.


    One might wonder why Sandisk (or Toshiba for that matter) are left off of this list. This link takes you to a page which helps to explain why they are usually not counted. The bottom line is that Sandisk is also a major player in the NAND market which shouldn’t be forgotten just because they (in conjunction with Toshiba if I understand it) have their operations set-up differently.

  3. how are intel and micron separated? Both get an unequal share of IMFlash production?

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