Top Ten (less 5) Suppliers Of LCD TVs.

Thanks to IHS for this one – the top five makers of LCD TVs:

                                                   Market Share %

Samsung                                     19.3

LG                                                  13.2

Sony                                                8.4

TCL                                                 5.9

Toshiba                                          5.7



  1. Now you and Cheese have made me feel inadequate, Consumer Electronics, because I don’t have it.

  2. I agree with Cheese. We must see the remainder of the sector. It’s pivotal to the study

  3. I would if I could but I can’t, cheese, this is the full amount of the information sent by the analysts. But I’ll look around for a more compete ranking list

  4. David, could you publish the rest of the top 10 as well? there’s still over 45% market share not covered …yes, there would be a large number of small players there..but probably most of them were not small till recently…including the fading glory of Philips, Sharp, Panasonic and the flash-in-the-pan such as Vizio…

  5. Dr Bob, Philips doesn’t make TVs anymore. It transferred its remaining television business into a joint venture with TPV Technology called TP Vision (70% owned by TPV) in April. And Philips branded TVs in the US are from Funai.

  6. Where’s Philips then?

  7. Hmm.. No Sharp then! I’m not surprised – my sister-in-law used to swear by them but after having to replace a few times due to reliability problems, she now swears at them.

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