Top Ten Manufacturers of PV Manufacturing Equipment

Thanks to VLSI research for this one – the top ten manufacturers of photovoltaic

manufacturing equipment:



Applied                                1.7


Meyer Burger                       1.2


Centrotherm                          0.97


CT Advanced Technologies   0.82


Gebr. SCHMID                     0.6


RENA Sondermaschinen       0.41


Oerlikon Solar                       0.37


Apollo Solar Energy               0.33


48th Research Institute           0.26



  1. I can’t see centrotherm in next years list….

  2. Sarcasm, SBR, is the lowest form of wit and the highest form of vulgarity.

  3. This list is not ‘PV Manufacturing Equipment’ providers, it is a list of ‘solar cell manufacturing equipment’ providers. BIG difference – please get it right, there is a lot more to PV than just making cells. Once upon a time there was this thing called fact checking…

  4. It will be interesting to see how these number look in the future. Centrotherm sought bankruptcy protection last week, Roth&Rau (owned by MeyerBurger) also rumoured to have poor sales.

  5. As I often tell my PV friends in Germany, it’s Aqua Panels we need here in the UK!

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