Top Ten Suppliers Of Semiconductors To The Industrial Market

Thanks to Semicast Research for this one. The top ten suppliers of semiconductors into the industrial market in 200, with their market shares, were:


1 Infineon                    8%

2 STMicroelectronics   7%

3 Texas Instruments    6%

4 Renesas Technology  6%

5 Analog Devices           4%

6 Intel                              3%

7 Vishay                           3%

8 Toshiba                          3%

9 National Semiconductor 2%

10 Freescale                     2%



  1. Bart it means suppliers of semiconductors to the industrial control market, the test and measurement market, the military/aerospace market, the security equipment market and the medical market.

  2. Please define the term “Suppliers Of Semiconductors To The Industrial Market”.

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