Top Ten Tech Takeover Countries

Thanks to Ernst & Young for this one – the Top Ten countries for technology M&A activity in 2010:

1) US

2) UK


3) China


4) France


5) Japan


6) Germany


7) Canada


8) India


9) Sweden


10) Australia



  1. I’m immensely pleased to report, george, that I’m the one to blame for this by stupidly putting in the countries twice. It’s a great relief as we’ve been struggling to get the comments situation sorted – first with the new template which was acutually a big upgrade to the posting software, and secondly with an additional server which was put in this morning. The whole purpose has been to extricate the comments from the spam, and to get the genuine comments posting immediately and automatically. If this is now the case, I’ll be very happy!

  2. I guess that “post it twice” really isn’t the correct terminology. The data is there twice in a single post. Sigh. Not enough caffeine yet this morning!

  3. Dave, did you post it twice, or is there more new blog strangeness going on?

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