Top Ten Tech Trends

Thanks to Forbes for this one – the top ten tech trends:
Radical Globalisation of Social Commerce. All companies must be instantly global.

Zero Marginal Cost Education. Great professors teaching via the Internet can get 150,000 students, not 150.

Massive Sensors and Data. Nearly free sensors mean they will be everywhere, gathering massive data.

All Vehicles Go Electric.

A Shift Toward Technocracy: Technology can help make government services much more efficient.

It's Just the Venture Cycle: The fortunes of Silicon Valley follow a 14-16 year cycle because the new platform needs to be invented by a kid.

The Gamification of Everything: The battle for engagement will drive game mechanisms. Once you buy into a system of meaning with virtual rewards, it self-sustains.

The New Hardware: Bits to Atoms: Open source hardware, collective design, flexible limited-run manufacturing, 3-D printing. Printing of a heart. Personalised genetic medicines.

Moore's Law Accelerates Beyond Silicon: The dropping cost of computation will accelerate as we move beyond silicon.

The Beginnings of Bioinformatics: Intelligent Design Over Random Drug Discovery: Better modelling of drug effects.


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