My List Of The Ten Worst Contributors To British Life

Last week I was on the receiving end of brickbats for publishing a list compiled by The Foundation of the ten worst contributors to British life. Here’s my personal list. I await the brickbats.

Inefficient car hire pick-up offices;

Over-complex WiFi log-on procedures;


Greene King’s pub acquisition programme;


Over-priced wireless roaming charges;


Lengthy airport screening procedures;


Blair’s legacy of eroded National values


Non-English-speaking customer service staff;




Menu-driven telephone answering services;


Spotty cellular data services.



  1. Fair list 🙂 Especially Blair’s efforts in eroding national values.

  2. Nice one Sceppers, spot on

  3. David,
    Can I add one ?
    Blair’s aspirational generation. Roaming groups of ‘graduates’ with worthless socio-media degrees
    from the ‘Universty of Wessex’ who think the world owes them a living and spend time on interminable ‘gap years’ at someone else’s expense (mine probably) ’till they get the jobs they so obviously, richly deserve..

  4. Yeah but, no but, yeah but, no!

  5. As an English man living in England. I would have to agree with all of the above. But I would add litter to the top of the list.

  6. You must have been visiting Eastleigh, then!!

  7. Excellent, Peter, my all-time favourite pastime

  8. An evening talking bollox? Works for me.

  9. Thanks Peter, I thought the same about your list. Sounds like a multi-pint discussion opportunity.

  10. Bollox just about captures it, I think, David

  11. Ah Yes, The Heathrow Experience, that is indeed something to be avoided at all costs, cheese, try Gatwick next time you come over – in my experience it’s a lot less stressy.

  12. My couple would include (though I haven’t been in UK for a while) : Crowds eating cheap curry at midnight and making more noise than the spice’s worth and (as most tourists would agree), the Heathrow experience.

  13. Here here, Robtronics, I couldn’t agree more – a major pain in the arse

  14. Steady on, Mike

  15. you’re right, martijn, no matter how cold it is they seem to go out at night with practically nothing on. Weird and, as you say, very off-putting

  16. one thing that struck me while living in the UK: fat pale women in skimpy outfits. Really, nobody wants to see that fat jiggling around, please cover yourself….

  17. sulky journalists ????
    just kidding 🙂

  18. Signed for deliveries… which never arrive on the day you set aside.

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