Ten Most Indebted Countries

Thanks to economicshelp.org for this one – the ten most indebted nations measured by debt as a proportion of GDP:

Japan                      225

St Kitts and Nevis  185


Lebanon                  150


Zimbabwe               149


Greece                     144


Iceland                     123


Jamaica                    123


Italy                          118


Singapore                102


USA                         100



  1. %of Gdp, Dr Bob

  2. What is the scale for these numbers ie 225% or x225

  3. You’re right, Djonne, but, like the banks, no one knows how big the debts are nd, if they do know no one’s saying, so countries aren’t saying how much public and private debt they have.

  4. I think to have the real picture of the indebtedness you have to sum public and private debt.
    For instance Spain doesn’t really have public debt problem but yet is in trouble.
    Would be nice to have this figure.
    Would show the real mess of US situation…

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