The Ten Most Annoying Things About Working In An Office

Thanks to Samsung for this one – the result of its ‘Office Bugbears’ research project to find the ten most annoying things about working in an office. Here they are:

1.      Slow IT systems (68%)

2.      Print delays caused by jams (42%)


3.      Unnecessary email traffic (39%)


4.      Colleagues talking too loudly on their phones (34%)


5.      Colleague leaving the printer tray empty (27%)


6.      Annoying mobile ring tones (23%)


7.      Being told to re-boot by IT support (20%)


8=.   Eating smelly food in the office (19%) / IT not working in meetings (19%)


10.   Colleagues that never offer to make tea/ coffee (12%)



  1. An excellent point Mike, making the perennial principle of meetings that he who knows least says most.

  2. Another one I’m surprised is missing is the ‘meeting mole’. He arrives late and then keeps the meeting running over schedule with pedantic non-issues.
    Usually he works for the Quality department or if a she, HR.

  3. No 1 point is not on the list – The Boss
    Also from experience at some of the places I have worked I never let anyone make my tea or coffee so I do not know why that is on the list.
    Where is the inter-departmental politics?
    Also doesn’t this total to more than 100%

  4. Gosh, cheese, I didn’t realise it was so grim at the Big S, though I remember getting phoned about 8-ish one evening by an Irish guy who worked for them in their early days in the UK. He was baiting his Korean bosses by staying late because their practice was not to leave until the last Occidental had gone home. “What they don’t know is I’ve got a bottle of whisky in my desk drawer,” he said.

  5. Hmmm..coming from the big S, this sounds highly censored. Or people don’t mind the paranoid security systems there – not having access to hundreds of websites (used daily by most normal people), no USB ports on their PCs, no inward/outward movement of any storage device, no possibility to work from home…May be things have changed for the better in the last few years, but sometime back, people there might have had more to complain about than the efficiency of their IT department.

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