The Ten Slowest-Growth IC Product Segments This Year

Thanks to IC Insights for this – the ten worst performing product segments of the IC industry. It’s forecast to be such a good year this year, that eight of the ten worst-performing products are expected to enjoy double digit growth.



EPROM                                                                                   -30


ROM                                                                                       -28


Telecom-Sp. Purpose Logic/MPR                                             +10


DSP                                                                                         +17


Consumer-Sp.Purpose Logic/MPR                                           +17


Display Drivers                                                                         +18


Data Conversion                                                                       +21


Computer& Peripherals-Sp.Purpose Logic/MPR                      +23


EEPROM/Other                                                                       +24


SRAM                                                                                     +25


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  1. Interesting. I can remember several years when any market segment would have LOVED to have 20% growth. Yet this year, that constitutes a poorly performing segment.

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