The Top Ten Tech Firms Which Blew It

Thanks to PC Pro for this one – the top ten tech firms which blew it:


Real Networks












Friends Reunited


DEC Alpha





  1. DEC Alpha is a product, not a company, so the line should just say DEC.
    There are many others that could be on the list: Transmeta, Acorn, Sinclair, Alta Vista, etc. Many of these may be too old to come into consideration, though.

  2. I think I would have to have Commodore, Atari and maybe Xerox and Sun in the list.
    HP and Rim could be there soon. The list will be long and distinguished.

  3. Yes Dr Bob a PC industry dominated by Federico Faggin and Gary Kildall could have turned out to be a lot more innovative than the PC industry we have today. But did they have the nous for it?

  4. Intel did the 8080 and Zilog did the Z80 which was better.
    Then Intel did the 8086 which was 8080 compatible and Zilog did the Z8000 which was not Z80 compatible.
    The 8086 was chosen for the first PC’s as it could also run CPM for the 8080/Z80. The rest is history as Zilog started to go downhill at that point.
    Just think if the Z8000 had been Z80 compatible then Zilog not Intel could be top of the tree!

  5. Yes Dr Bob, but I’m not entirely sure Zilog had anything to blow – I don’t think they made any profit from any of their processors.

  6. Yes indeed, Peter, it seemed to be a failure of will at Psion – the Palm Pilot seemed to be too much for them, especially after Psion and Palm had been in takeover talks before the Pilot was launched.

  7. Zilog should be there for the Z8000 micro

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