Top Ten Challenges Facing The World

Thanks to Rene Penning de Vries, chief technology officer of NXP Semiconductors, for this one – the top ten challenges facing society today:


2. Water

3. Food

4. Environment

5. Poverty

6. Terrorism and war

7. Disease

8. Education

9. Democracy

10. Population



  1. Well Kodanda, that’s exactly what Tony Blair said about his top three priorities being ‘education education education’ – so you’re in rather dodgy company.

  2. Dear david sir,
    Your list is good but I dont agree with that list. In my openinen the main problem of the world is “the good education”
    Because if the education was good,
    1)automatically “democrasy” also good (we can choose a good leader)
    2) “population” decreases due to a good education. ( the education people will know the loses of increasing of population)
    3) the effects of “diseases” are also decreases due to education ( we can find the new medicines for different diseases easily)
    4) due to improvement of education systems the industries also increase. So even a small job is may be given to a person. Thats way “poverty” also decreases. ( social welfare societies are tried to reduce the poverty)
    5) in my openine there was no a good education system without “environment” protecting rules and ways.( if we save environment, it will saves us )
    6) the “terrorisum” will decreased by using new technology systems by ece,eee,comp and mech etc engineers and a perfect police and democracy systems.
    7) the “water” problem is also reduced by the education. (If the education is developed, we may purify the sea water into drinking water in easiest way)
    8) the “energy” problem also reduced. The good engineers may develop the less energy consumption motors and different ways of energy saving and developing.
    9) the more strengthly “food” and more food in less area was developed by the education people.
    The above problems are slove only when the education people will have” kindness , helpness, perfectness, and peacefulness”.
    ” The nation will be proud when it watches you ”
    thats way every people take care on the society.
    Thank you sir,
    By Gangeswar

  3. Thanks, Titanic Survivor, that’s an interesting challenge. I wonder if you could use solar power to dig bore-holes for water in deserts. That could solve a few problems.

  4. Dear David,
    Basically I agree with the list, but not necessarily in that order. I won’t try to re-organize it because different regions in the world will and should have their own priorities.
    Now, a challenge to the readers of Mannerisms, let’s apply electronic technology to that list to see how it can have a positive impact. If we do it well it could become the industry’s responsible target for global isssues that will affect us all. I appreciate that making money is of key importance to any company, but making the next killer application that will have no relevance to the items listed, and may even have a negative impact, is not the way forward to a sustainable future.
    Best wishes,
    Titanic survivor.

  5. Ha Ha, HIZ, that’s a good one

  6. Private equity companies 😉

  7. Is the order of these significant or random? Most of 1-9 could be put down to plain old-fashioned over-population.

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