Why Have Dinner In An Art Gallery?

Here in Budapest for the MEDEA+ annual conference I reflect that it’s better to have dinner in a restaurant than an art gallery.

That’s because restaurants have kitchens and art galleries don’t. Which is why it’s surprising that, at so many conferences, you go to dinner in an art gallery. I assume the idea of going to an art gallery for dinner is that it bestows a sense of privilege. You don’t ordinarily eat dinner in an art gallery. The snag with eating in an art gallery is that the food has to be brought in from outside so it’s often over-cooked, or cold, or both. I have to say that the food at MEDEA+’s dinner last night at Budapest’s Museum of Fine Arts wasn’t too bad. And it’s no bad thing to eat your dinner surrounded by pictures of juicy girls having their flimsy clothes torn off them by beefy blokes. What made the evening a cracking success, however, was a completely bonkers Hungarian string quartet. Their playing got faster and faster as the evening went on, at one point stopping to do bird-call imitations on a violin, then dramatically slowing down to play a wistful Auld Lang Syne, hardly something you’d expect to find in the Magyar song-book. But they finished in a wild crescendo to the delight of everyone. A word of warning: don’t touch Hungarian Sauvignon Blanc

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