End Of Traditional TV, Predicts Intel’s sean Maloney

Interesting to see Intel executive vp Sean Maloney predict the demise of traditional TV. That’s exactly what Ben Elton does in his new novel Blind Faith.

Maloney told the Telegraph yesterday that traditional TV was doomed because user-generated content, distributed over the Internet, was going to be of higher quality than professional content. The reason for that is a new generation of consumer ICs delivering HD quality video. With traditional TV networks dragging their heels over HD transmissions, the availability of user-generated HD-quality video will mean, argued Maloney, that people will prefer to watch user-generated content, a la YouTube, than traditional TV programmes. In Elton’s novel, set in the future, people only watch reality TV. The idea of drama, based on fictional characters, is dismissed as a regrettable weakness of earlier generations. Unfortunately, due to Elton’s gloomy view of human nature, in his book, the vast majority of this user-generated content revolves around rumpy-pumpy. TOMORROW: THE TEN BEST R&D COLLABORATIONS

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