Boring Bill

It took Apple to teach him Windows-based computing, Yahoo to introduce him to browsers, Google to show him the power of search, and the iPhone to teach him the joys of touch sensitive control.

Bill Gates’ final speech at the CES, long a convention at the show, talked of ‘digital senses’. Touch, vision and speech would, he thought, be the computer interfaces of the future. Welcome to the world. Some of us have been using Dragon’s software for voice input for over a decade. The use of sensors for controlling consumer goods has been growing steadily for a decade and, since the iPhone, growing furiously. It’s reassuring to think that you can become the richest man in the world, and found the third most valuable corporation on earth, and never have an original idea.


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  1. You are right, of course. However Bill does deserve some credit. He invented the famous ctrl+alt+delete.

    …wait a minute… Thats not right. He just made it famous.

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