Is 4.30am the worst time to wake up?

What is it about 4:30am? Whenever in a majorly different time-zone I always seem to wake up at 4:30am. Too early to get up. Too late to go back to a decent, deep sleep.

It makes no difference which time zone it is. Last week, in California, where the time is eight hours behind the UK, it was 4:30 every morning. This week, in Beijing, which is eight hours ahead of the UK, it’s still been 4:30 every morning. If it was 3am, you’d go back to sleep and think nothing of it. If it was 6am, it would be getting light, you could go for a walk or a swim. Fanatics can jog and exercise. The newspaper’s been delivered, so you can make a cup of coffee and read it in bed. The morning TV news programmes are underway. The world is happening around you, and you are part of it. But 4:30 is a real bitch of a time. The world is at its darkest, coldest, quietest, loneliest. And that’s when I ruddy well wake up.



  1. I wake up at 4.30 everyday. I do 1 hour of meditation followed by yoga, etc before I go to work. So it is the right time for me to get up. You can do something useful with that time, instead of rolling and fidgeting in your bed, which does no good to your body anyway.

  2. Thanks Dick that’s extrememly kind and thoughtful of you. Next time I wake up at 4:30am I’ll try and remember it’s better than the alternative

  3. Classically 4.30 is the time at which many people die.
    Just thought you would be interested

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