China Companies 3rd and 5th In Smartphones

Huawei is the world’s third largest smartphone supplier and its China-based compatriot ZTE is No.5, reports IDC.

Huawei doubled its smartphone shipments to 10.8m units in Q4, says IDC, taking a 4.9% world market share.


ZTE is not far behind Huawei shipping 9.5 million units for a market share of 4.3% and fifth place in the league table.


The success of the two China-based companies was because they went up-market, increased screen size and developed innovative applications, says IDC. Huawei has a 6 inch model called Ascend Mate.


Samsung continued at No.1 with 63.7 million smartphones and a market share of 29% (up from 22.5% in Q4 2011).


No.2 was Apple with 47.8 million phones shipped for a market share of 21.8% (down from 23% in Q4 2011).


Splitting the two Chinese companies by taking the fourth slot in the league table was Sony with 9.8 million units shipped and a market share of 4.5% (up from 6.3 million units and 3.9% share in Q4 2011).


Also-rans were LG, RIM and Nokia .


220 million smartphones were shipped in Q4 and 712 million smartphones in 2012.  For all types of phones nearly half a billion phones – 482 million – were shipped in Q4 and 1.7 billion in 2012.



  1. It was Sony, anon, sorry about that – a slip of the pen – thanks for pointing it uot I’ve corrected it on the post.

  2. Who’s on fourth?

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