Ericsson Expects Modem Revenues This Year

Ericsson expects revenues this year from an LTE modem based on the technology it retrieved from its failed jv ST-Ericsson.

The M7450 has been qualified by China Mobile and is in qualification with other network operators.

As well as retrieving the modem from ST-E, Ericsson took back 1,800 former employees from the wreck of the jv.

Ericsson has always had a belief in its modem technology but it is estimated that it would have to sell 45 million M7450s at an ASP of $17 to break even this year. That isn’t going to happen.



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  1. It will be interesting to se where the minion hordes belonging to the upper management of Ericsson (Modems) cronies will end up after this bound to fail jobs program concludes.

    It fills me with joy having all of the at least 1.600 strong army of LTH educated mediocre leeches without hope for the future and means for financing their overindebted little “svensson” life.

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