Eurostar Entering Mobile Phone Market

You could have knocked me down with a feather – Eurostar are about to enter the handset business.

Then it turns out there’s another Eurostar as well as the cross-channel train service.

This other Eurostar, based in the UAE, is an industrial conglomerate involved in loads of things including consumer electronics.

The Arab Eurostar is about to launch the Tornado – it’s first hand-set – which uses an eight core MediaTek processor, has a five inch screen and sells for $200.

Before the end of the year Eurostar hopes to have on the market an LTE-capable phone using ARM 64-bit cores.





  1. Yes Mike, I went to Brussels and back last month and there was not even a trolley-dolly supplying beer.

  2. Meanwhile the other Eurostar can’t even extend to either on-board wi-fi or charging sockets at all seats in ageing and downright crappy French rolling stock. Let’s hope they lose their franchise one day and a real train company can take over.

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