Imagination Motoring

Imagination Technologies wants to recruit 200 people but cannot get enough suitable engineers in the UK, says CEO Hossein Yassaie.



  1. Yes Dr. Bob I’ve heard that cliche. Re-read my ps.

  2. Offer peanuts and get monkeys.

  3. Looking around the UK’s universities, well over half the electronics graduates seem to be non-Brits anyway and so I suspect Imagination will have real trouble finding 100 UK graduates in any case. But good luck to them – they are one of our success stories and its a pity they do have to look overseas for talent.

  4. I’m still a firm believer in the principles of supply and demand. Engineering resource (world-wide) are simply oversupplied and this has an on-going effect on wages in western Europe.
    Currently the way to a secure living is to provide a service that cannot (easily) be sourced froma abroad eg lawyer, fund manager or even a gas fitter .
    In fact many of my university peers are no longer engaged in engineering – the first wave of ‘get-outs’ (usually the ones with firsts) joined management accountants the day after graduation..
    ..didn’t understand it at the time, but then I didn’t get a first.

  5. Greg you whiner. If you so sure you’re underpaid start your own business. Scale up, hire lots of people and one day you may get rich.
    And when you’re hiring lots of people, I wonder what you will do about recruiting?
    Business is tough, most start-ups fail, and under the same pressures as Imagination et al. don’t kid yourself you won’t make the same choices.
    Yes you guessed, this “I’m a victim” mentality in some parts of the UK is really annoying. Grow up. The world doesn’t owe us a living.
    ps. having said all that, Imagination et al if they are prudent will have stock options for all that provide for a good return if & when the business is finally successful. (That’s what I’ve always done anyway).

  6. Hi David,
    If looking for 200 engineers, just cross the channel: NXP will be very enthusiast at providing requested people. As it did just recently with IDT for example.
    There are still 500+ R&D engineers working in Normandy: first arrived first served !

  7. I’m sure another reason he likes the uk is that engineering wages are very low. If he offered silicon valley competitive wages, he’d have no probs. What hes whinging about is he cant get people for what he wants to pay so he goes to, wait for it… eastern europe

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