iPhone 4 Not So Sexy

The wife of a friend showed me her iPhone 4 at the weekend. It was a disappointment. Those rounded edges which make the iPhone 3G feel good in your hand and good to slide into your trouser pocket are gone. It’s got square edges. It feels bricky.

And it’s no lighter than the iPhone 3G.

The iPhone 4 does have one plus – a better screen. On the other hand it’s not good at handling radio signals – kind of important in a wireless terminal.


I asked my friend’s wife, who only a couple of weeks ago had acquired an iPad, what she had done to persuade my friend to buy her an iPhone 4.


Eyes twinkling, she leant across the dinner table and whispered a word in my ear:




Tut Tut.


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  1. Thanks Tom that’s very interesting

  2. The figures I saw from an RF engineer who’d done some careful measurements on the iPhone 4 vs the 3GS showed the 4 was better than the 3GS no matter how you held it but in absolute terms the 4 had better performance if you held it ‘correctly’.
    So the iPhone 4 will let you get calls where previous phones would not but in those circumstances you have to be careful how you hold it.
    My personal experience is the iPhone 4 downloads data significantly faster than my old iPhone 3G and does better with GPS. I agree its a bit slippy in the hand but overall its a big step forward, particularly the camera.

  3. Interesting Rob, I just hope the senior vice president for engineering for the iPhone hasn’t resigned unnecessarily.

  4. I too seem to have super non conducting fingers as I cant make the signal fail on my iPhone 4 – and I usually use the phone in my left hand ensuring that I am well in contact with the supposed extra off button.
    Was originally not too impressed with the slab like nature of the phone but it is sort of growing on me. Worth it for the screen and much improved speed of response.

  5. That’s one way to make sure no-one can make out what you are saying! But enough about the iPhone 4G signal quality…

  6. Well Chris, there’s no smoke without a fire or somesuch useless old saying. With the iPad it was WiFi. This does seem to have caused grief to some people, not least distinguished Apple engineers.

  7. Ooooh is that a late passing bandwagon Mr Manners?
    I have one, and had the previous 2 generations before. This one is simply better and the much media-hyped connection issues don’t occur on mine, but perhaps I have super non-conducting fingers??

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