Nokia Loves Qualcomm; Bugged By Microsoft

The extent to which Qualcomm has supplanted ST-Ericsson in the affections of Nokia is demonstrated by the innards of the Lumia 900.

According to IHS, the Lumia 900 contains no less than five Qualcomm ICs – a baseband processor, a Snapdragon applications processor, an RF transceiver, and two power management chips.

However all is not well in the offering of the other main supplier for the Lumia – Microsoft – which delivers the phone’s Windows Phone OS.


It turns out that the Lumia 900 has a software bug which affects connectivity.  


“A memory management issue was discovered that could, in some cases, lead to loss of data connectivity,” says Nokia, “”this issue is purely in the phone software, and is not related to either phone hardware or the network itself.”


Nokia’s response? To give everyone a $100 rebate on their phone bill. The Lumia 900 costs $99 with a contract.


According to the IHS, the Lumia costs $217 to manufacture.



  1. thanks [Anonymous] fingers crossed for ST-E on the 23rd then

  2. ST-E has called a meeting of the French Comité Central d’Entreprise (national works council) and its European equivalent for the 23rd. These were originally fixed for the 12th but I guess that didn’t give the management enough time to finalise its plans. I guess the employee representatives will hear the bad (or good) news in the morning followed swiftly by the investors in the afternoon.

  3. Not before time [Anonymous] I see the following day Qualcomm and Ericsson are planning a joint webinar. Maybe I’m not the only person with reservations about ST-E’s management competence.

  4. I would jsut like to sign Jean-Marc’s comment.
    And @David Manners… You managed to confirm Jean-Marc’s suspicion within just 2 further lines of writing with the “mouse” metaphor.
    1st, there might be good reasons for the timing of certain announcements.
    2nd, there was a press release this weeks, which indicates the 23rd of April for further strategic announcements at ST-ericsson:

  5. Thanks Jean-Marc, it would be reassuring to me and many others if some good news came out ofST-Ericsson. But the CEO says nothing. Is he a mouse?

  6. @David Manners:
    I read your articles regularly especially about ST-Ericsson ;). I feel that you are too consumed in criticizing ST-Ericsson. Your facts may be sometimes correct but your articles always have negative tone against ST-Ericsson. I am not saying that truth should not be put forward indeed company is passing through tough times. But like in this article, about Lumia 900 bug in which ST-Ericsson has no role to play, you have unnecessarily deviated the matter towards ridiculing the company. I think this is not a justifiable thing. Hope you will remain neutral in your future writings and especially articles related to ST Ericsson.

  7. It’s not correct to infer that a software bug must be the responsibility of the OS provider, especially when the same bug doesn’t appear on other WP7 platforms. There is a lot of platform-specific software (BSP/drivers) which would be the responsibility of Nokia or possibly Qualcomm.
    The $100 rebate will only affect the early adopters.
    There are some other, less reported, bugs/”features” of Nokia/WP7 – the continuing absence of tethering on Lumia 800 to mention just one – which are far more significant. In this market, the details matter a lot, as Apple has shown.

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