Talkie-Talkie Cars

A wireless technology which warns drivers of possible crashes at road crossings, or tells a driver if a car is changing lanes in their blind spot, or anticipates a rear-end collision because a car ahead has suddenly braked, is being tested in Michigan.

Several hundred cars have been fitted with the technology which is a type of WiFi. For the technology to work, both cars involved have to be fitted with devices which then interact with eachother.

Up to now, automotive anti-collision safety devices have relied on sensors and radar. The Michigan trial  is a new apporach which is being funded by the US government to the tune of  $25m.

The cars have been provided for the Michigan trials, which will last for a year, by Volkswagen Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, Mercedes



  1. Most decent cars have a 155mph limit on/off switch. Only BMW and Mercedes need a software ap to turn it off.

  2. ……and slowly we creep toward the fully automated car. Do lets call it the “Auto Mobile”. I wonder what the insurance companies would add to their penalty clauses…..

  3. Come on guys, cars haven’t even got the basics yet.
    Where are the LEDs in the speedometer and the 3 position switch for Advisory, Voluntary and Compulsory to keep drivers to the speed limit!

  4. SecretEuroPatentAgentMan

    There has been some talk about “lilipad nets” using intelligent networking street lights. The ideas are rather complex (and there are many patent applications about these things), some involve communications between street lights to alert drivers to slippery roads, accidents and more, as well as high speed backbone communication net for vehicles.
    (and many more, particularly from South Korea)

  5. Yes Dr Bob, sharp, piercing, female and from the rear

  6. The only problem is that if it has the same voice as that used it SatNavs it will be ignored!
    Also I presume that the ‘voice’ will comew from the rear of the vehicle?

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