The Riddle Of RIM

So RIM could go even more disastrously astray by delaying its Blackberry 10 to the end of 2012 and possibly beyond.

And the stated reason for the delay is the lack of availability of an LTE chip-set.

It all sounds odd.


Why do you need LTE anyway? The carriers are not exactly rushing to install it.


When systems companies screw up, the first excuse is to blame the chip supplier.


But in this case, the chip supplier’s identity is not stated.


So, assuming it is the chip supplier’s fault, you have to ask:


Is it because RIM changed the spec requiring a re-design?


Is it because the chip supplier has missed its deadline – there have some notable cases of that this year from You Know Who.


Or is it because the chip supplier can’t get its wafers made?  There aren’t many sources of leading edge foundry these days.


It’s a riddle.



  1. eeek IKEA join the crowd with no imagination or individuality. Playing your ABBA cassettes.
    Mr M, as a pioneer I discarded my iPhone for a Samsung Galaxy SII, it’s very easy to use, it’s only taken me 6 months and I can easily switch it on and off!

  2. For me, a simple soul, it’s simply because it’s simple to use. Simplicity is all.

  3. Forget business schools – what do they know?
    A comment which I latched on to recently to partially explain it is the difference between Apple and all the other computer/consumer electronics outfits is the same as the difference between Ikea and every other furniture outfit. Attention to excellence in industrial design and breadth of offering.

  4. The iphone has always lagged in terms of telco network features from the get-go. ie wasnt 3G, then it was GSM only. It makes me wonder what type of marketing strategy RIM has to tell the marketplace what your phone possibly won’t have. For example, apple also didnt tell people you would be charging your phone more than once a day. Just horrific power usage – and RIM want to revamp the phone with an LTE chipset?. Who cares enough? Apple aren’t mentioning LTE at all. I wonder what power usage looks like now with LTE added? Business schools around the world have been trying to figure out (largely in vain I might add) why exactly Apple is successful. It appears RIM don’t have a clue either.

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