Unconnected Among The Connected

An exquisite torture is sitting through presentations about ubiquitous connectivity when you’re beating your brains out trying to get a link.

In two conferences in the last seven days, this was my fate.

The hotel/conference site/organizers say: ‘There’s WiFi and here’s the password’, but in practice you make numerous attempts to access and, when you finally get on, you’re timed out it in minute or two.


Or you don’t get access at all. And a reporter without a link is as much use as a stud without tackle.


All the while the smug b.s on the platform are blah blah blah-ing away about ‘always on, any time, anywhere connectivity’.


‘You bastards’, I think, ‘I bet you each have a personal IT man to keep you connected.’


Rubbing it in is the waffle about the internet of things or the internet of everything.


I’m more than a thing, and I struggle miserably to connect. So how the heck can a mere thing manage it?



  1. Well, cheese, I do carry around a couple of cellular dongles as well but they couldn’t get a signal and the WiFi guy at one conference centre was charging €8 an hour for a service which didn’t work – one of the speakers – a Knight of the Realm no less – publicly complained in his presentation about the WiFi charges – and loads of delegates who paid up said they couldn’t get a connection. There were several IT guys running around telling the organisers the WiFi worked fine so the result was confusion and frustration. This happens so frequently that I believe the organisers/hotels/conference sites etc don’t appreciate what happens when several hundred people all want to use the WiFi at the same time, while the IT people don’t know what to do about it.

  2. Didn’t someone say there is no such thing as free lunch?
    Perhaps for the professional conference goer, this adage gets modified as “You might get a free lunch here, and a free wifi password, but if you need to stay connected, use that damn GPRS/3G/what-have-you-mobile-rip-off-service”
    And if you don’t get mobile IP services at the conference venue, then a) it must be timbuktu (so enjoy the holiday) or b) the conference is not worth attending or c) change your service provider.
    Logic for c) is : Why get ripped off by A when you can get ripped off by B and get a IP service in the bargain?

  3. Perhaps it’s their way of stopping you “Twitter”?

  4. Ha … how true David, how true. Now if Apple got into the service provider market and sorted out this connectivity nonsence … even the paperless office might become a reality 🙂

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