Welcome To Mobile, Mr Krzanich

We were never told why Intel wanted a change in CEO. But now were are told the new CEO got the job by a pitch to the Intel board showing how he would accelerate Intel’s move into mobile.

So it’s a fair bet that the whole six month process of producing a new CEO was sparked by the perceived need to get into mobile quicker.

No wonder when tablet sales soared 142% in Q1 while PC sales fell 14%.

But if the whole change of CEO thing was done to accelerate the move to mobile, then Sanjay Jha, ex-COO of Qualcomm and ex-CEO of Motorola Mobility, seemed a more obvious choice than Intel’s fab guy.

But the Intel Old Guard probably scuppered the chance of an outsider upsetting the Cosy Club.

So what could Brian Krzanich’s accelerated mobile strategy be? Clearly Intel’s big advantage is process technology.

If you’re trying to get the mobile industry to accept your mobile chips it would seem a good idea to make those mobile chips on your best, most advanced, manufacturing process.

But, under Otellini, mobile chips were never put at the front of a process node. In other words mobile ICs were never made on the latest process.

Otellini’s plan was to put mobile chips at the front of the 14nm node which is due to start production in Q4 this year or Q1 next year.

So the new CEO can’t really accelerate that plan – it’s going to happen anyway in the next six months or so.

So what can he accelerate? A clue might be in the newly unveiled dual-act with Intel’s software chief who has been made president.

Maybe some sort of software-intensive mobile SOC is about to be unveiled which will take the mobile world by storm.


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