The Explorer, The Soldier, The Judge and The Artist

“Saburo Shiroyama, the famous author of business novels, says that the business executive should have the characteristics of an explorer, a soldier, a judge and an artist,” writes Tsuyoshi Kawanishi, former CEO of Toshiba Semiconductor, in his book Chip Management.

“By an explorer he means that the executive should have the ability to challenge risks with courage,” says Kawanishi.

“A soldier must have a fighting spirit, which usually means that the soldier also needs youthful energy'” writes Kawanishi, warning that execs are often to old to have that youthful energy by the time they rise to key positions.

“A judge must be both fair and honest, and he is often strict on himself,” writes Kawanishi, emphasising that execs should be held to account for their actions.

“By an artist, I assume that Shiroyama is saying that the executive should be creative,” writes Kawanishi, adding that creative people often have the most difficulty in reaching top management level.



  1. Thanks for that DB, I had already replied to it. I assume you are not seeing your posted comment where I can. Our IT people know there’s a problem and are working on it now.

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  3. Yes indeed Jon, I think he’s saying Shiroyama’s comment is BS – though horse-shit is, of course, better for roses. I don’t understand though why Shiroyama needs an assistant to spread horse-shit. Why can’t he do it himself?

  4. Aha, the famous horse-shit spreader, I take it, DB.

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    Shiroyama’s assistant is the all-Japan rose growing champion!


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  9. Because Dr Bob, they have been re-fashioned in the image of Wall Street.

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