Singing From The IBM Song-Sheet

To the tune of John Brown’s Body, IBM-ers used to sing a song from one of the ‘Songs of the IBM’ which contained this verse:

“Overseas we also make our marvellous machines

Round the globe in every land our service is supreme,

IBM’s fine products are the joys of kings and queens,

We serve humanity.”



  1. That explains why Ed’s bro’ wants my head on a plater, he’s an alien!

  2. Well nearly, Dr Bob, there was a story called To Serve Man by Damon Knight in which an alien arrived from another planet and brought goodies like an inexhaustible energy producing machine and told mankind it wanted to help – to serve man. But some clever clogs on earth translated an alien manual and found it was a cook book. They’d come to get man to serve him up for dinner. Maybe Watson was a cannibal.

  3. Wasn’t that last line the title of an SF story?

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