The California Group

On September 19th 1957 a group was legally recognised as ‘The California Group’.

The Group was a party to a legal document by which the members of The California Group were taken into employment.

‘Salaries per annum of the primary group’ said the document were:

Robert N Noyce. $15,600
Eugene Kleiner. $14,700
C. Sheldon Roberts $14,700
Julius Blank. $13,800
Victor H. Grinich. $13.800
Jean A. Hoerni. $13,800
Jay T. Last. $13,800
Gordon E. Moore. $13,800

A total of $171,000

Salaries of all the other members of the Group including a General Manager amounted to $279,000.

In return for $500 from each of the eight members of the primary group, each member would get 100 shares in a new company being formed.

The salaries were an improvement on those earned is their pervious employment where Noyce, Roberts and Kleiner earned $12,000 a year, Blank was on $10,200, Moore was on $9000 and Last was on $8100.


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  1. The Traitorous Eight who had had enough of Shockley

    Presumably “The California Group” were a subsiduary of Fairchild.

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