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Arduino light-controlled theremin plays with light

arduino theramin 2

Think “theramin” and what comes to mind? The Doctor Who music? Or the original Star Trek theme? Or perhaps even Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys? Well, actually none of them uses a theremin, contrary to popular belief.

MOVI Arduino shield supports programmable voice recognition


Arduino will soon have a standalone voice recognition and synthesiser which has ‘full sentence capability’ and a 2GB internal dictionary. It can be programmed to recognise almost any complete English sentence and build a dialogue system to change its vocabulary.

Enchanted Cottage spells a trip to New York


How would you give new life to everyday objects by “enchanting” them with the “power of the Internet of Things”? This was the question raised by the Enchanted Objects design competition, run by element14, The winner was Andy Clark, of the UK, who turned a miniature cottage into a Arduino Yun-based “smart home”, complete with real-time weather reports, colour-changing LED lights ...

Zero hour for Arduino Zero

Arduino Zero

We first write about the Arduino Zero a year ago, but the IoT prototyping board has now been actually released for sale, in the States at least. It’s priced at $49.90.

Microsoft opens new Windows on Arduino

Windows and Arduino

This is an interesting one, coming out of the Build maker community conference in San Francisco this week. The Arduino organisation has certified Windows on Arduino boards. Windows 10, to be precise.

Gadget Book: Make – Sensors

Make Sensors

A book review of Make: Sensors – Projects and Experiments to Measure the World with Arduino ad Raspberry Pi. Back in January I did a quick review of a book introducing budding Gadget Masters to working with sensors – Gadget Book: Make – Getting Started with Sensors.

Udoo Neo module hits IoT

Udoo neo1

Welcome the Neo board, from Udoo, makers of the educational Udoo single-board mini PC that was intended for students to learn the basics of coding and electronics.

DIY Enigma machine as wrist watch

enigma smartwatch

This watch is so smart it’s a fully-functioning Enigma machine! You’ve seen everything now. And not only that, it’s a DIY project. Thanks to the Atmel blog for highlighting this one. Designed by Maker “Asciimation“, it apparently replicates the original cipher machine from World Wart II. The device was inspired by a trip to Bletchley Park, with Asciimation deciding to ...

Arduino Beginner Course on sale


Just an FYI… Thanks to Sue P. for flagging an interesting looking online e-course in using the Arduino (via Udemy.com) – Arduino Beginner Course