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Being Bloody-Minded

Hope to see phone manufacturers agreeing to use a universal plug and socket for chargers, for example Micro USB? Don’t hold your breath, says David Manners.

Samsung 700mAh Wall Charger

Samsung 700mAh Wall Charger

There must be a better way to get things done than this.

Back in 2009 the EU very sensibly started a process of getting phone manufacturers to agree to use a universal plug and socket for chargers.

The connection agreed on was the Micro USB and the phone manufactures signed up to adopt it.

Last week, five years on from the original proposal, the European Parliament voted to adopt the Micro USB regulation.

That vote now has to be approved by Europe’s Council of Ministers.

The decision then has to be put into the national law of all EU member states.

Member states will have until 2016 to pass these laws.

Then manufacturers will be given 12 months to introduce the micro USB connection into their phones.

That the legislative implementation of something so trivial should take so long is crazy.

And it’s pretty pathetic that the phone manufacturers don’t just go ahead and use the Micro USB without waiting for the legislation which forces them to do so.

Of course some manufacturers, like good old Samsung, have already adopted the Micro USB.

While others, like bad old Apple, have actually changed to a new and different type of connection since signing up to the original agreement to go with Micro USB.

Why are some people so bloody-minded?

Image: Samsung 700mAh Wall Charger

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