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Salary survey reveals positive signs in the job market

Most of the Electronics Weekly Salary Survey 2014, which was sponsored by European Recruitment, backs up what I would call ‘common sense’ across the industry and how to differentiate yourself as an employer for current and future staff and how to judge your value as an employee, writes David Wicks, managing director, European Recruitment.

David Wicks managing director at European Recruitment

David Wicks managing director at European Recruitment

I was reassured to see a mix of sectors and company size, rather than just one major dominant one.

One positive, but also a little worrying, finding from the survey is the 45% of respondents with 20 years plus in the industry.

Having contemplated retirement for a year myself (never again, I realised I loved work too much to stop) I’m hoping these highly experienced individuals will stay long enough to allow the new generation of engineers to come through.

Interesting to see the 24% of respondents who said they can’t see themselves moving job before they retire.

Is this because of the job, location, pay or pension, or as I would guess, is it sector specific? Also, the 37% of the sample who only changed jobs 10 plus years ago is great to see with regards loyalty and happiness in their jobs.

However, I hope they get to experience working at more than one company in their careers.

Always of interest to us are the 12% actively searching and the surprise 59% keeping an eye on the jobs market. People seem happy in their jobs and are moving for career progression or redundancy. On this note it’s been gratifying to see over the last few years, whenever redundancies have come along, from our experience everyone seems to have been able to find work.

Companies need to keep the job fresh, interesting and with challenges, and give their staff a picture of the future.

The trends in market sentiment are pleasing and mirror what we are seeing more and more, with employees being more positive about the industry. The same sentiment is resonating through clients in the industry, which is precisely what we want to see. Long may this continue.

 David Wicks, managing director, European Recruitment.


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