First it was EN55022, now it’s the generic standards requiring >1GHz emission testing

This post is by Steve Hayes, EMC & Safety Managing Director, TRaC

This post is by Steve Hayes, EMC & Safety Managing Director, TRaC

Whilst EN55022:2006 is only a few months away from becoming mandatory for products covered within its scope, we now see the start of the product family standards being updated with the same types of modification.

The first of these standards, EN61000-6-3 (generic emission standard for domestic, commercial and light industrial) and EN61000-6-4 (generic emissions standard for industrial equipment) have been published in June 2011 and incorporate for the first time requirements above 1GHz.

Like EN55022, the requirements are progressive and are based on the highest frequency used or generated, thus only requiring the higher frequency testing on those products which use frequencies above 108MHz.

Don’t panic too much yet – whilst the standards have been published, they have not been listed in the Official Journal of the EU and hence will be a couple of years away from becoming mandatory.


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