Safety – it’s a complex business!

This post is by Jon Harros, ZigBee Business Manager at TRaC.

zigbee-logo.jpg This post is by Jon Harros, ZigBee Business Manager at TRaC.

In September of this year, the ZigBee Alliance announced the successful certification of the first two ZigBee RF4CE platforms and the release of the ZigBee RF4CE specification.

Now the focus has turned to the first ZigBee RF4CE interoperability profile which is intended to service the Consumer Electronics Remote Control (CERC) market.

From a regulatory safety point of view, the timing of this is interesting and leaves a number of people wondering what they should be assessing against.

The safety standard which should cover electronic equipment within the field of audio/video IT and telecommunications is EN 62368-1. However CENELEC has rejected this standard during the last few years and so it is still some way off becoming a harmonised European standard.

In the meantime EN 60065 and EN 60950-1 may provide a route but in the absence of a harmonised standard specific for these types of product, the use of a Safety Notified Body (LVD) may be the way forward.

See my previous post describing Notified Bodies.


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