Where have all the ZigBee products come from?


This post is by Jon Harros, ZigBee Business Manager at TRaC

In the last month, the number of approved products listed on the ZigBee website has doubled, and my company has also seen a massive growth in the number of products being submitted for certification. What has caused the sudden interest?

I think it’s down to the maturing ZigBee certification process, and specifically the introduction of new certification routes for some of the key standard profiles.

Until the introduction of the SE profile last year, ZigBee products could only be certified with manufacturer-specific profiles, pretty much guaranteeing that one manufacturer’s products would not work with anyone else’s devices.

The recent introduction of certification routes for home automation and smart energy profiles has changed everything. The promise of interoperability has encouraged major OEMs to launch ZigBee products, which in turn creates many more opportunities for innovation from small companies.

With work on the telecommunications profile progressing well, I’m optimistic that the promise of ZigBee will finally be realised.

Jon Harros, TRaC – one of the largest testing, validation and certification test facilities in the UK, offering comprehensive testing services ranging from telecoms & radio and environmental, through to analysis, safety and EMC.

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