1st Brew House Pub, South Pune, India


1st Brew House Pub

The Corinthians Boutique Hotel


NyatiCounty , NIBM Annexe.


South Pune-411060




Tel.: +91-20-26952222


www.thecorinthianspune.com <http://www.thecorinthianspune.com/>


Alan Hutton writes: “On a recent trip to Bangalore I was alerted to the fact that in a liberal move, the local Excise Department have come out with a new policy called “Micro Brewery” where they will permit clubs, bars and restaurants to brew their own beer.”


“This move is set to infuse competition to produce the best quality of beer, provide more choice and take on brewing giants such as Kingfisher,” says Alan, “sadly, at this point in time there are only start-up’s experimenting around the Bangalore area but in Pune it’s already well established with the 1st Brew House Pub located inside the Corinthians Boutique Hotel and resembling an old English pub ambiance with full view of the copper brewing tanks.”


“Offering a staggering 2000 brew varieties, this Brew Pub can seat up to 350 beer drinkers and offers a food menu spanning Greek, Asian and Mediterranean cuisines,” continues Alan, “the all-malt barley/wheat/rye brewed beers to quote the bar owners “superior in taste, aesthetic and full of aromas.”


Alan adds: “According to a leading financial daily in Bangalore, beer consumption has increased over the years with the Kingfisher brand of beers claiming it’s market share touched 50% during the second half of 2010. They are now expecting an industry growth of 15-18% in the next 2 years.”



“I guess we can expect a lot more to come from micro breweries across India in the coming years and as their electronic end-equipment industry continues to grow it can only be good news for beer loving semiconductor folks travelling into this emerging region!” concludes Alan.


The web-site has an alluring description of The Corinthian’s  glories: ‘Who says that palaces and the royal life are a part of the past?  Surely not those whom we have had the pleasure of serving at The Corinthians, Pune. Built to the lavish standards of a Moroccan fairy tale palace with elements of Egyptian influences, it offers you a grandiose setting.’









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