Amsterdam Beer, Toronto.

21 Bathurst St

Amsterdam Beer

21 Bathurst St





For anyone wanting to check out the microbrewery itself for a tasting session then the contact details are


Amsterdam Retail Store  : +416 504 6882 

Microbrewery Reservations : +416 504 1040




This is another of Alan Hutton’s distinguished contributions:


 “Who would have thought that back in 1985 a disused tyre re-treading plant in downtown Toronto would become a microbrewery! ” writes Alan, “this is exactly how the Amsterdam Brewing Company was established thanks to Dutchman Roel Bramer and since then it has gone on to become one of Toronto’s largest microbrewery’s offering up fine ales and lagers.”


“Today, they can be found in downtown Toronto at

21 Bathurst Street

and my personal favourites are the Tilted Kilt Scotch Ale coming in at 6.5% and not unlike a “pint of heavy” from back in Glasgow with a ruby red colour all-be-it much stronger in alcohol/volume. “


“I also enjoyed the Oktoberfest lager at 6% and reminiscent of a good pint of helles during the Oktoberfest in Munich,” adds Alan, “lastly, the Two Fisted Stout at 4.3% is also another quality dark beer which although a far cry from a pint of Guinness, it is still very creamy with a good long lasting pale white head and goes down just as well. One place to definitely stop by on any trip into downtown Toronto.” 




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