Doc’s Bar, Tybee Island, Georgia


Doc’s Bar

10 16th St
Tybee Island, GA31328

Tel: 001 912 786-5506

Beer’s no good. Food’s no good. Atmosphere’s wonderful. Live music often. There’s no way anyone’ll ever sell an IC on Tybee Island, and this is only mentioned because I love the place, but Doc’s Bar is worth a detour just because it always seems to be party time there.



  1. Before you crook, Ya gotta have a drink in Doc’s. I heard about this joint in my town of charleston, sc. Just for fun I visited this gin mill and had the time of my life. Within the first few minutes the bartender (joe) threatened to kill me because he didn’t like outsiders. After more hazing and verbal abuse I felt like I knew everybody in the bar. Put your thick skin before you enter and prepare for some great fun.

  2. Hmmm….What was wrong with the beer? What did you eat? Everything I have eaten there was very good. Of course, I really like to eat. You cannot beat the atmosphere!

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