Le Ble D’Or, Taipei


Le Ble D’Or Brewery

5F, No.20,Jingyeh 3rd Road (Miramar Store);


(02) 2175-3739



 This is another great find by Alan Hutton.


Alan writes: “The Le Ble D’Or Brewery can be found inside the Miramar shopping mall in downtown Taipei. Due to strict laws in Taiwan, however, alcohol cannot be consumed in the same place as it is brewed so every day they truck the beer into this fake Bavarian beer hall from Sanchong City on the outskirts of Taipei.”


“Nevertheless, the so called brewery itself is located in a cavernous beer hall under the shopping mall and kitted out with authentic (but no longer in service ) copper brew kettles and numerous wooden kegs,” adds Alan.


“The beer is 100% malt based and comes in three classic flavours; namely, the lager beer, the dunkel beer and the hefe-weizen beer. I should point out that all have the same alcohol by volume of 5% which goes against the grain of traditional stronger German beers of the same ilk,” continues Alan.


“The lager is brewed with French malt and German Hallertau hops to give a golden smooth finish which tastes very good,” writes Alan, “the dunkel beer is made using chocolate roasted malt and is relatively bitter sweet as a dark beer should be. The hefe-weizen uses Bavarian wheat malt grain to give it that cloudy effect and is again smooth on the palate. Beers are normally served in half pint glasses but for those with a thirst you can always order a 2 liter glass. They also serve the beer in “penguin shaped” black and white flasks which hold about 3.5 litres and are ideal if you don’t want to keep finding the table staff for a refill every time the half pint glass is empty.”


“The “German style” food served up is essentially finger food such as ribs, sausages, pork knuckles, chicken wings and beef marinated stews although there are other dishes available such as spicey gumbo/seafood with rice and seafood salads,” says Alan, “entertainment was a keyboard player and a female singer which, to be brutally honest, did not do much for the ambience of the place. It was fake enough without adding more to it.”


” The Miramar shopping mall is very easy to find since it’s across the road from what used to be the tallest building in the world – the Taipei 101. Find 101 and you will find Le Ble D’Or brewery pub,” says Alan.







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  1. It’s a mixed theme pub, so they don’t really know exactly what they are supposed to be. A bit German, a bit Sports Bar, a bit Hawaiian ( honestly ), and family friendly, which means you have pissy little kids running about the place, yuk. I tried the wheat beer, not to bad, the “German” food/snacks we absolutely appalling and kids running everywhere. Entertainment, as described. Hmm, not a night out for a serious beer drinker I’m afraid.

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