Mega CC Microbrewery and Pub, Seoul.

Mega CC Brewery and Pub 

Lotte World Hotel

40-1, Jamsil-dong,


Seoul, Korea

Tel : 82 2 419 7000



Alan Hutton writes: “The Mega CC Microbrewery and Pub is a unique establishment located in the bowels of the Lotte World Hotel in the Jamsil-dong area of Seoul. It’s not just a small brewing pub either offering enough seating area to cover almost half the size of a football pitch. The brewed beers on tap include pils, weizen, dunkles and hite, of which, the latter I’ve yet to fully understand but I believe it is a “shandy” of some kind. The dunkles beer is actually more of a tan in colour and looks and tastes like a Tetley bitter with the one difference in that the glass is chilled before serving. Korean’s that frequent the pub apparently expect their beers to be served in ice chilled glasses or stoneware steins. The most popular beers being served at the Mega CC today are the weizen for the Seoulite drinkers and the pilsner for those venturing in from the outskirts of the Busan region.”


Alan adds: “It’s well worth a visit to Mega CC when in Seoul given the very limited number of microbreweries’s in the region and if you are not staying at the Lotte World Hotel then take the underground rail network to get there since the payment machines all accommodate English and it’s way faster to travel than any taxi journey in the city. The underground rail network for Mega CC is on Line 2 at the Jamsil station.”

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