Mitchell’s Waterfront Brewery, Cape Town


Mitchell’s Waterfront Brewery


E. Pier Rd.

, Waterfront, Cape Town

Phone: 021/419-5074

Cost: R20

Open: Weekdays 7-5


!!!!! DON’T try and access their Web-Site which comes with Virus warnings!!!!!



Mitchell’s produces four beers: Forester’s Draught Lager, Bosun’s Bitter, Ravenstout, and Ferrymans Ale. (Forester’s Draught Lager, regarded as a “healthful” beer, contains no preservatives and is said to have  a fairly light taste.)



  1. Karin, I’m afraid, being based in the UK, I don’t know where you can get Mitchell’s beer in the US. Hopefully someone who knows will read your remark and let us know, best wishes, David

  2. hi. i just got back from south africa, and love mitchell’s beer. do you know of anyplace in the usa where you can get it, or if it’s possible to order it from mitchell’s? thank you.

  3. There’s also another place at the Waterfront in Cape Town that serves really nice pints.
    Paulaner Bräuhaus – check it out 🙂

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