Rock Bottom Brewery, Campbell, San Jose

Where: The Pruneyard, (1875 Bascom Ave), Campbell, San Jose, CA

Brews its own beer. Has 6 – 8 usually on tap with strengths and date of brew listed.

A hoppy number is TailChaser but it’s strong (6.3 per cent)

Tel: 408.377.0707 Opening 11am-10pm (later on Fri & Sat)


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  1. This is generally a big hang out for the younger crowd, actually a chain restaurant that brews its own beer. Low in personality, often crowded, food and beer alike are of minor consequence. Check out Katie Blooms in downtown Campbell, an Irish Pub, as a better alternative and an axcellent Guinness among some others. Though also a popular youth hang out, much more personable.

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