Seabright Brewery, Santa Cruz

Seabright Brewery

519 Seabright Avenue # 107

Santa Cruz,

CA 95062,

United States of America

(831) 426-2739

David Manners writes: “Visited this outstanding establishment at the weekend (27/3/11). The Pelican Pale is an excellent hoppy little number, the staff are great, the seating arrangements are spacious and comfortable, there was a good crowd of happy-looking bunnies. All in all sitting in the sun drinking Pelican Pale is about as good as it gets.”

Seabright’s beers


‘In addition to our regular brews, we have 3 to 8 other world-class beers available at any time,’ says the brewery, ‘check out our homepage for the latest seasonal selections, come on down to find out what they are, or call us at the brewery. Not sure what to order? Please ask your server for a free tester.’

Sample: $2.00 • 12oz: $4.00 • 16oz: $5.00 • Pitcher: $12.00


Pelican Pale

A smooth, medium-bodied, golden pale ale with a delicately balanced hop bitterness. Popular year ’round. Approx. 5% alc/vol.


Seabright Amber

Full bodies and deep copper-red in color, our amber ale has a rich malty aroma and flavor with an assertive hop character. Approx. 5% alc/vol.


Sacrilicious Ale

We desecrated traditional malty red ales by adding a sinful amount of Colombus Hops in the fermenter. The dark crystal malts balance out the pungent nose on this beer. The vatican did not approve of this recipe, but we’re reaching for a higher power… YOU!!! Approx. 6.8% alc/vol.


The Blur

This beer is a traditional filtered Pacific Northwest India Pale Ale. Although golden in color, this is not a light beer. With more than 60 bitterness units it’s got a bite to it, but is well balanced by the sweetness of a 7.4% alcohol by volume brew. This a is a very aggressive tasting beer. Approx. 7.4% alc/vol.


Oatmeal Stout

Smooth, creamy and mildy sweet with hints of chocolate and coffee flavors. GABF gold medal winner 1992, 1993, 1995; silver medal winner 1997, 2006. Approx. 6% alc/vol.


Seasonal Beers


Double Ryed I.P.A.

Twice the Rye, twice the fun! A lot of hops and a lot of malted rye went into this batch of beer. The rye dries out the body of this copper colored brew to let the hops shine thru. Cascade hops added to the fermentor give this beer a citrus aroma. Approx. 8.0% alc/vol.


Plum Crazy Wheat

We added 50 lbs of fresh plums to the fermentor to give this unfiltered wheat beer a little something extra. The German Perle hops give a hint of bitterness to balance out the sweetness of the fruit. One would have to be crazy not to enjoy this brew on a nice sunny Santa Cruz day … Approx. 6.0% alc/vol.


Say Hey Wheat

The boys of summer ar back, so we released a nice filtered wheat beer. Amarillo hops give this beer a citrus nose to the finish. So grab a pint, watch nine innings with friends, and enjoy. (Note: there are no human growth hormones in this beer!) Approx. 4.8% alc/vol.


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