The Faultline Brewery

1235 Oakmead Parkway


The Faultline Brewery Company

1235 Oakmead Parkway


California 94085


Nigel Watts very kindly sent this in and says about it: “The Faultline is right in the heart of  the Valley, close the the HQ of AMD, just of 101 and Lawrence. It’s very popular, always busy, huge range of beers brewed on the premises. Good food. I never miss the opportunity of visiting when I am in the Bay Area.”


“I’ve also been there,” comments David Manners, “it has a down-to-earth, beer-drinkers’ ambience, and there’s a big enough choice of beers to get what you want.”


Tel: 408-736-2739

Fax: 408-736-2752


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  1. Good choice of beers with Oktoberfest my own favourite. Just a pity they don’t open until 5.30pm on Saturday’s though. Alan H

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