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Latest Electronic Tech News & Reviews About Batteries

Revised Battery Directive

Battery and accumulators Directive 2006/66/EC will be amended in order to gradually reduce the amount of cadmium and mercury released into the environment as substitutes become generally available. Adoption of the legislation follows an agreement reached with the European Parliament at its first reading. The exemption of batteries…

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Battery capacity label by 31 May

One of the requirements of the EU Batteries and Accumulators Directive 2006/66/EC was the need for Producers to ensure that any automotive or portable batteries, placed on the market, should display a capacity label by 26 September 2009. BIS recently confirmed that this deadline had been extended and…

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Battery recycling

The Environment Agency has released figures showing that at least 9.56% of batteries were recycled in the UK in 2010, narrowly missing the unofficial 10% target (comparative to the number of batteries put on the market in 2009). However it has since come to light that the figures from…

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Battery collection rate on the rise

Figures published by the Environment Agency show that the proportion of waste batteries collected for recycling in the UK rose from 9.15% in the first quarter of 2010 to 16.15% in the subsequent quarter. The UK is therefore on track to achieve its first interim target to collect…

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EU regulation on battery capacity marking published

The European Council of Ministers has published the text of an EU regulation setting out the labelling requirements that display the charge capacity of automotive and rechargeable batteries.   A reduction in waste quantities could be obtained by increasing the average life-span of rechargeable batteries as would choosing the appropriate…

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EU considers cadmium ban for cordless power tools

The European Commission (EC) has launched a consultation that will consider a ban on cadmium in batteries for cordless power tools such as electric drills. Currently, such tools are exempt from restrictions under the batteries directive. The directive bans the sale of batteries containing 0.002% or more of cadmium…

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Battery capacity proposals update regulations

The European Commission has circulated its proposals for the capacity marking of rechargeable, or secondary, portable batteries. For an updatede Guide to the New Battery Directive click here Directive Decoder…

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EC proposals on battery capacity

The European Commission (EC) has circulated its proposals for the capacity marking of rechargeable, or secondary, portable batteries. Currently there are no proposals for capacity labelling of primary batteries and the commission has not indicated when proposals are likely to be published for these. The EC was originally due to…

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