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Latest Electronic Tech News About China RoHS

New China RoHS proposals

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China has published the latest proposals, which are open to consultation until 10 July, on China RoHS. The proposals include further clarification on the definition of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) and are along the lines of RoHS in the European…

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China RoHS - little or no progress

In March 2007 the so called “Phase 1″ of China RoHS, which focused on labelling and information requirements was implemented. This was to be followed later in 2007 by the publication of a China RoHS catalogue of products which could potentially be restricted. Since then, information on the status has…

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China RoHS 2007-2012

In March 2007 the first phase of the China RoHS legislation known as the Administration of the Control of Pollution (caused) by Electronic Information Products (EIPs) was implemented. This was known as the “Declaration” stage and included the labelling of over 1800 EIPs. A green symbol indicated that no restricted…

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China RoHS Voluntary Certication

There has been some debate recently regarding what the long awaited China RoHS legislation will look like and how it will impact on European companies exporting their products into the region. The latest step saw the Implementation Rules of Voluntary Certification on the Pollution Control of Electronic Information Products which…

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China RoHS2 on the radar

China RoHS “2″ edges a little nearer and will be similar to the EU RoHS Recast. China RoHS2 will move away from the previous Electronic Information Products format and cover Electrical and Electronic Products (EEP) with the same definition of scope as EU RoHS (equipment that works with a voltage…

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Is China RoHS moving nearer?

The Certification and Accreditation Administration of China has published implementation rules on the Voluntary Certification on the Pollution Control of Electronic Information Products…

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China RoHS - 4th anniversary, but new progress

In March 2007 the labelling requirements for phase one were the talk of industry. Phase two, around restrictions, was expected at the end of that year. Some 4 years later we are still waiting but, at long last, there appears to be progress with the publication of the list of…

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China RoHS progress, or lack of!

Under the proposed China RoHS measures published recently the scope will be extended from “electronic information products” to “electrical and electronic products…

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